Outsourced Application Development
You know that you cannot afford to stand still while your competitors move ahead. Yesterday's software and network applications can rapidly become obsolete. To remain competitive, enterprises need to develop new products and methods. We strive to be a valuable partner in that process. To increase your company's competitiveness we provide knowledge and technical resources and help develop powerful and effective applications. Through our collaboration we can turn your requirements into reality. Your partnership with Telanox can ensure that your enterprise is lean, efficient, and highly competitive.

You can rely on Telanox to help you develop project specifications and create a realistic time line. We will deliver the solution on time and on budget, and will work closely with you to provide knowledge transfer to your employees. Our commitment to you ensures that if a problem arises down the road, we will be there to help.

Telanox can:

  • Help you to specify the requirements
  • Facilitate the design process
  • Achieve effective implementation
  • Provide offshore development services
  • Help in QA and testing
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and customer support
  • Reduce the expense and risk of costly downtime and inefficiency
  • Improve the user experience to increase productivity
  • Preserve the value of legacy systems by selectively interfacing with advanced systems
As a result of our partnership, you'll be able to:
  • Gain the competitive edge
  • Rollout new products at lower cost
  • Cultivate new clients and customers more effectively
  • Increase the power and efficiency of data capture and processing
  • Turn your vision into operational reality